Of brighter days

The night was calm with the exception of the occasional drunk narrating the remainder of his intelligence to the rest of the disinterested world as they staggered down the street, disappearing into the night. The street lights outside radiated their bright lights that pierced through the the crimson bedroom curtains, painting the entire adjacent wall in red. Red is romantic. And so is the sight of her lying beside me in an entangled mess of human body and crumpled sheets. Her chest rising and falling in a slow, choreographed calming ryhthm… She was serene

I don’t know how long I had been staring at those desirable lips before they cracked into a smile and parted to release a somewhat sleepy “What?…” before I broke out of the trance she had me in. I would have told her how beautiful she was had she not returned to whatever land that sleeping beauties go to.Looking at her, it is hard to for me to imagine that we could have finally ended up like this…

She was the class prefect in the class I was unfortunately assigned to. My sworn enemy at first sight… The punishments I had to endure due to her determined prejudice towards me. We were born to hate each other but in the course of our four years in highschool, everything changed. The mutual hate we had for each other exfoliated to reveal a friendship so intense it eventually bloomed into romance. All along she was trying to hide her feelings for me under hate. I guess the universe works in mysterious ways 😄.

As the clock ticks away the night, I can only but marvel at my luck. But not for long as the sound of a cock tears throught the night to announce the arrival of a new day. A new day as friends, for we were friends by day and lovers by night… I guess that’s how ‘unnatural’ relations were meant to be like…

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