They Pay More When Happiest…

When everything seems to be blurry before your eyes, it’s not your vision that worries you. Its your footing. And as he struggled to find an even ground to set foot upon, he was hoping, in the darkest crevices of his intoxicated mind, if he still had one, that he, as miraculously as it was then beginning to seem, would not end up falling into a ditch.
His senses were now as important to him as the Fanta he had soaked his liquor in at the beginning of that treacherous night. Useless. For he could neither see beyond his crooked nose. Hear the tones of gibberish narration spewing from his foul mouth into the world. Smell the stench emanating from his body. Feel the cold air biting at his skin. Nor taste the pain behind the eyes of the aged pedestrian that went by him. A chaser, they had called it. And now he had to chase the evading shadow of sobriety that was now we’ll beyond his grasp.
In the old man’s eye, this was one among the many young men of their generation, with a bright future that was lost in the treacherous ways of the world, drowning this brightness in bottles of liquor and hanging it out into the dark world where it will dry up, wither and crumble into ashes … Trying to ignore the intense nagging feeling of stopping this youth and bashing sense into his soaked brain, the old man trudges along. For life is there to teach us, and everyone had their own to live. He had to get to his employers shop in time for his night shift as a security guard. His only hope for the night was the prostitutes. May the prostitutes not tempt him tonight. For, he barely made enough money to include them in his expenses for the day. Or night. Moreover, he had a wife at home, and however old as she may be, she could definitely smell infidelity walking through her doors.
She was a nurse, at least that was what her boyfriend believed. A profession that served to justify her ungodly working hours. It was not necessarily a lie,because she was a nursing student before life, this god-damned life, shattered her childhood dream of becoming a nurse and taking care of the sick and elderly… The same life had seen her mother follow her deceased father into the soil. Leaving her alone to cater for herself, with no job, no one to depend upon. And she, like many other girls in her position, found solace in selling off what she was left with. A piece of her that this life, at least, could never take away from her. Her body.
And now, as she peels off her scanty blouse to reveal the busty bossom trapped within, her only concern is to make this strangely familiar family man , hopefully, happier than his wife at home ever does. For it is only then that she would be paid well. Three years in this line of work had taught her that they always paid more when they’re at their happiest.

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